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An idea that was born one night in a desk

Uno.Cinco was born in October 2019, months prior to the 25th version of the Conference of the Parties in Chile (COP25), with the aim of being able to transform the language of environmental education into a more accessible and simpler one.  

We realized that along with the arrival of COP25 in Chile, the interest in knowing more about climate change was growing. If the desire of the people was there, we felt that the platform was missing. We had to create something that would reach everyone and with a simple language.

But it is not until the Conference that this idea takes flight and begins to be executed.

Directory 2021
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Benjamin Carvajal

Founder and Executive Director

Mechanical Civil Engineer mention Energy UTFSM (Chile).

Former COY15 coordinator, PreCOP25 and COP25 youth delegate.

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Soraya Zorzal

Director de People and Culture

Geographer (Brazil). Former COY15 coordinator, PreCOP25 youth delegate and
COP25. Socio-environmental experience in Brazil, Colombia and Chile.

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Catalyze Bezzenberger

Director of Education and Schools

Commercial Engineer UTFSM (Chile). Former COY15 sub-coordinator, Facilitator at Balloon Latam and Impact Mentors.

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Philip Zulueta

Commercial Director

Industrial Civil Engineer mention in Energy and Environment UAI (Chile). Economics study experience

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Joaquin Acevedo

Content Manager

UC Journalist and Master in  Scientific Communication from the University of Granada. Science and climate change communicator.

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Cristina Arriola

Director of Design and Communications

Economist UCH (Chile) Experience in programs that promote a sustainable culture in organizations.

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+80 people

they are part of the executive team of Uno.Cinco within their departments, various areas and projects.

+10 countries

Latin America and the Caribbean is where those who participate in One.Five come from.

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write to us y is part of the way to 1.5

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